This site is built on Glossword — the software to create and publish online multilingual dictionaries, glossaries, references, or encyclopedias.

The resources come from a variety of free and publicly available sources and are listed with the dictionary. If you find a new one or create a new dictionary please inform us or send it to us. If you find a new free downloadable dictionary please tell us.

Contributions All contributions (added or validated translations) will be later released under same licence as the dictionary into which these translations are added.

Source dictionaries Project uses translations from many dictionaries. Many dictionaries use many different licences. All dictionaries that this project uses are "free" in certain way (no commercial dictionaries are being used or created). There are usually some special conditions which make something not possible (for example distribution of modified dictionary etc.)

Our website and dictonary uses information of the WordNet lexical database. Wordnet licence

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