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The dictionary is based upon Nils Jernsletten's Álgosátnegirji.
Some of the words are changed in order to reflect today's written norm. We have also added words from textbooks commonly in use in Sámi introductory courses.
We have added words from these textbooks:
Eira & Gaup: Ánin dánin – mu lohkangirji. Davvi Girji os 2008.
Guttorm et al.: Davvin 1-4. Folkets brevskole 1992-1994.
Johansen: Sárá beaivegirji. ČálliidLágádus 2010.
Johnskareng: Sárá ja su ustibat. Davvi Girji 1998.
Johnskareng: Oaidnalit. Davvi Girji 1995.
Johnskareng: Bures, bures fas. Davvi Girji 1994.
Sokki: Mu ártegis eallin. Davvi Girji 2007.
Vars: Čábbámus iđitguovssu. Iđut 2002.

The dictionary contains almost 9900 lemmata, but it also contains most inflected forms of each lemma. For verbs, nouns, numerals and adjectives the key forms of the paradigm in question.

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