The Norwegian ispell-dictionary
The most important file available here contains a list of 750 000 Norwegian words. Each word is marked with a number indicating the commonness of that word. Compound words are hyphenated at their compound points. Some words are marked as belonging to a specific classes; mathematics, oil, conservative language, 'samnorsk' etc. Words marked with a star are allowed in Nynorsk.

This file is usable to several things:
Making dictionaries for the Ispell program of different sizes, choosing which words to include in a sensible way. Making Norwegian dictionaries for word processors that doesn't have one, again with a sensible subset of words. Making new and better hyphenation patterns for TeX. Text-recognition (OCR) programs. Encourage the e-TeX team to implement multi-level hyphenation in TeX.
Encourage people to use frequency-information when they write programs making suggestions for replacements for misspelled words.
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Last modified: 25 September 2012

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